Here is a sampling of survey responses we’ve received:

  • “I’m always changing my mind and actually quite surprised at how patient you are with me. I get a lot of positive comments about the quality; unfortunately many places have to do their own. Excellent customer service. As you know, I think you guys are great! Initially our new administrator was asking me to check around other places. But I think she also has been completely satisfied with your service. Hopefully we won’t have to start doing our own as some facilities have to do.”
  • “You all do a wonderful job! I know there are months I am late but you all are very nice and always do an excellent job—I thank you for everything!”
  • “I like the fact that you do all the layout and clip art—all I have to do is fax you the info. It makes my job much easier.”
  • “It makes it easy to get a newsletter out.”
  • “Our regional operations manager told us that our monthly newsletter is the most professionally presented one in the western region! You guys are great—make my job easy (ha, ha). Thank you so much!”