Free Services

Reminder Faxes or Emails

Time flies, and it’s easy to forget how late in the month it is! If we haven’t heard from you, we’ll contact you to make sure you don’t forget to get your materials in on time! If you order The Classic (the newsletter we write for you), then you’ll get it automatically, in plenty of time to distribute before the 1st.

Enlarged Calendars

If you order 11 × 17 calendars from us, we will enclose an enlarged calendar with your first order, free of charge!

Pre-formatted Next Month’s Calendar

When you order calendars, we will provide a pre-formatted next month’s calendar. This means that when we ship you your calendars, November’s for example, we will include a December calendar, with the December holidays and your activities (from the previous month). You can simply make your changes on this calendar for the next month’s order. Many of our clients find this to be a great time-saver!

Free Calendar Templates

We will provide you with a calendar template that you can fill out, and fax back to us, if you need one. Just call or email us.

Free National Recreation News with Stories, Games and Filler

When you order a custom newsletter, we will send you a free copy of National Recreation News, a newsletter that we write with stories, games and other filler, all of which you are free to use in your newsletters. This material is written with you in mind, to help you save time and make your custom newsletters interesting and entertaining.