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Nursing Home Activity Calendars and Residents with Dementia


Having a nursing home activity calendar can help to provide a sense of security for residents with dementia.  Creating a routine may help dementia patients establish a natural progression of day and night, which may help to diminish Sundowners Syndrome. The nursing home activity calendar doesn’t need to be a rigid schedule that contains hour …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars/General Announcements


Nursing home activity calendars are a great way to post general announcements.  The Medicare website provides a “Nursing Home Checklist” that can be referenced when choosing a nursing home.  Some quality indicators they advise people to look for when choosing a facility include: Nutritious snacks are available upon request Residents have access to a personal …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars — Some Simple Tips


We’ve been word processing, editing, proofing and printing nursing home activity calendars for 17 years now, and we’ve seen 1000’s of them.  We’ve worked with hundreds of activity directors, and each has his or her own unique way of doing the monthly activity calendar. A professional and polished activity calendar is a bright reflection on …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars — Blow-ups and Dailies

Calendar 6

Nursing home activity calendars come in various sizes, one of the more popular sizes being 11 by 17 inches.  Residents with special needs, however, may benefit from using a different size calendar.  A resident who has visual impairment, for example, will benefit from an enlarged activity calendar, one with a larger font size, or “dailies,” 8½ …

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Games for Your Nursing Home Activity Calendar

Bingo 7

Looking for some popular games to add to your monthly nursing home activity calendar?  Some of the all-time favorites are bingo, card games, balloon volleyball, trivia/quiz games and word games. Bingo remains the most popular nursing home game for most residents.  If you think your bingo games could use a makeover, there are ways to …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars as a Planning Tool

Line Graph - 3D 1

Activity Directors spend a great deal of time and effort planning and scheduling activities that are fun and stimulating for the residents, but sometimes it’s difficult to measure how successful any one activity is. A nursing home activity calendar, in addition to listing scheduled events, can also help directors track the popularity of activities and …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars Keep Family Connected

Reminder 06

Nursing home activity calendars are a great way to stay in touch with residents’ family members and loved ones.  Sending a copy of the nursing home activity calendar to each person that the resident has expressed an interest in seeing more frequently may encourage the resident’s loved ones to visit.  Having a copy of the …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars and Resident Rights

Bus 04

Any nursing home that is Medicaid/Medicare certified must adopt a set of federal resident rights.  One of the federal rights that a nursing home is expected to adhere to is that the resident has the right to interact with members of the community both inside and outside the facility.  When state surveyors come to the …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars and Federal Regulations

Desk Calendar 13

Nursing homes that accept Medicaid and Medicare must comply with federal regulations, including: each resident has a right to choose activities, schedules and health care consistent with his or her interests, assessments and plans of care. State surveyors typically monitor if a facility is offering activities that pique a resident’s interest by looking at which …

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Nursing Home Activity Calendars

Desk Calendar 09

According to Medicare regulations, a facility’s activities program is one of the most important things a person should consider when deciding on a nursing home. One of the easiest ways to make the facility’s activities and upcoming events information easily accessible is to use a nursing home activity calendar.  Activity Directors can hand out monthly …

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