Nursing Home Activity Calendars/General Announcements

Nursing home activity calendars are a great way to post general announcements.  The Medicare website provides a “Nursing Home Checklist” that can be referenced when choosing a nursing home.  Some quality indicators they advise people to look for when choosing a facility include:

  • Nutritious snacks are available upon request
  • Residents have access to a personal telephone and television
  • There are quiet areas where residents can visit with family and friends

This type of general information can easily be placed on a nursing home activity calendar to inform residents, families and potential admissions that these checklist items are available in the facility.

Naturally, people are also concerned with the qualifications and certifications of the activities staff.   It is a good idea to list this information on the nursing home activity calendar as well, so prospective clients will have it at their fingertips when making their decision on a facility.  The Activity Director’s name and degrees or certifications, along with those of staff personnel and contact information can be listed on the calendar for handy reference.