Nursing Home Activity Calendars as a Planning Tool

Activity Directors spend a great deal of time and effort planning and scheduling activities that are fun and stimulating for the residents, but sometimes it’s difficult to measure how successful any one activity is. A nursing home activity calendar, in addition to listing scheduled events, can also help directors track the popularity of activities and be used as a planning tool.

After each activity occurs, the activity director can make a few quick notes to help in planning future activities.  For example, the director can make a note of  how many residents attended the activity, the levels of participation, resident comments about the event, and any other relevant information as to the the popularity of the event.  A color system can be used on the nursing home activity calendar to elaborate on the overall acceptance of the activity.   If the residents seemed satisfied, the director could highlight the activity in green, if the residents seemed agitated, the director could highlight the activity in red, etc.  This is an especially good idea when experimenting with new activities, as a lot of residents may come to the activity out of curiosity, but ultimately dislike it; in this case, simply noting the attendance record on the nursing home activity calendar would not be a sufficient amount of data.  The director may also want to make a small note about how much the activity costs to determine if it’s popular enough to justify the amount of money needed to run the activity.

By color coding the activity calendar and making a few relevant notes, activity planning for the upcoming months can be done more easily and effectively.