Nursing Home Activity Calendars and Residents with Dementia

Having a nursing home activity calendar can help to provide a sense of security for residents with dementia.  Creating a routine may help dementia patients establish a natural progression of day and night, which may help to diminish Sundowners Syndrome.

The nursing home activity calendar doesn’t need to be a rigid schedule that contains hour by hour activities, but can be a more generalized idea of what will be done in the morning, after lunch and in the evening, providing a sense of stability for the resident.  The nursing home activity calendar will be most effective for helping the residents organize their time if activities are kept uniform, meaning every Monday should contain similar activities, every Tuesday should contain similar activities, etc.

Hanging a large (36 by 48 inch) nursing home activity calendar in a central location in the facility, where everyone can write any changes to the schedule and put specific details about who is working and where they are working, will help the residents feel more secure and better understand their current circumstances.  This may also help relieve any separation anxiety a resident might be feeling with regard to a specific employee or resident, as he or she will be able to see (or be told) when that person will be returning to the facility.