Games for Your Nursing Home Activity Calendar

Looking for some popular games to add to your monthly nursing home activity calendar?  Some of the all-time favorites are bingo, card games, balloon volleyball, trivia/quiz games and word games.

Bingo remains the most popular nursing home game for most residents.  If you think your bingo games could use a makeover, there are ways to add some variety.  Try having a theme night, say an Elvis Presley bingo night, where Elvis trivia questions are mixed in with the bingo.  Or you can vary the prizes won, say a costume jewelry night.  In your monthly newsletter to families, you can ask for donations of inexpensive prizes for bingo games.

Card games are another popular activity and are good for promoting interaction and socialization.  It is often easier for residents who are more reserved to socialize and get to know each other over a game of cards.  Large print cards are now available from many sources online.

Another fun activity is balloon volleyball.  You can hold a balloon volleyball tournament in which residents from different wings form teams and face off against each other.  If you stay connected with several other nursing homes you can suggest facility versus facility tournaments.

Trivia and quiz games are activity favorites as well.  Many facilities do era-based trivia like music from the 60’s or sports players from the 50’s.  For example, the free trivia games we give our clients each month include a “Who Am I” guessing game, a “Where in the World Am I” guessing game, several “Guess the Sports Team” trivia games, several “Name That State” games, and two “Name That Hollywood Star” games.

Another type of game you can add to your nursing home activity calendar are word games. We provide our clients with Mix and Matches, Word Searches and Word Jumbles each month.

Adding these games to your nursing home activity calendar line-up helps to create a more entertaining and mentally stimulating environment for your residents.